Zoning Board Meeting of May 22

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Case#Z18-2018, Hanif Popal, 6 Gregory Ct, Edison 00:02:44

Section 37.63-1(4)(7)(16) Bulk and ā€œDā€ Variances proposing a second floor add a level above existing garage and (unheated) sun room.

Case#Z19-2018, Keval Patel, 20 Matson Rd, Edison 00:22:56

Section 37.63-1(2)(3)(5)(6) Bulk Variances sought to do an addition and add a level to an existing single family dwelling.

Case#Z20-2018, Patricia Bevaqua, 30 Cleremont Ave 00:28:13

Section 37.63-1(10)(13) Bulk Variances sought to construct a detached garage.

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