Planning Board Meeting of October 16

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Resolutions 00:01:29

#P13-2017 Mary Mercado – 161 Lincoln Highway 00:11:00

#P13-2017 Mary Mercado – 161 Lincoln Highway Prel and Final Block 672 Lots 1-12 Proposal to open day Care which is permitted , site and parking changes *******Postponed until November 13, 2017 *************

#P 12-2017 Blueberry Village – New WAWA 00:11:30

#P 12-2017 Blueberry Village – Plainfield Ave and Brunswick Ave- Prel and Final - Block 4.A Lot 22 Proposal to construct a WaWa convenience store and a gas station. No variances are requested Postponed - Will re-notice. No date given.

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