Zoning Board Meeting of February 20

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Case#Z02-2018, MOHAMMED SAFDAR, 26 Southfield Rd 00:02:04

Bulk Variance sought to construct a rear yard addition of a bedroom and a bathroom. Rear yard setback required is 60 Ft, Proposed is 52.67 FT.

Case#Z07-2018, MARVIN DANIELS, 161 ORANGE ST. 00:05:16

Section 37.63-1(5)(6)(16) Bulk and Use/ ā€œDā€ Variances sought to add a level and extend the back of the existing single family dwelling, and add habitable attic space of 384 sq. ft.

Case#Z08-2018 MARVIN DANIELS, 15 STURGIS RD. 00:55:11

Section 37.63-1(4) Bulk Variance sought to remove old existing 8 ft deep by 20 ft wide porch and replace this with a new porch of the same size.

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