Zoning Board Meeting of February 27

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Case#Z03-2018, Byung Kwon, 25 Colton Rd, Edison 00:01:25

Bulk Variance sought to construct a garage addition. Required combined side yard setback is 18 FT, Proposed is 16 FT.

Amended Case# Z30-2015, Wick Companies, LLC 00:04:39

Amendment to modify the condition of approval granted for the LED signage. Applicant is proposing to have the LED sign change 1 time at 5 minute intervals.

Case#Z46-2015 Extension Of Time, TMOBILE 00:19:12

225 Pierson Ave., Edison. Extension of Time requested for a conditional use variance and bulk variances to construct a temporary 80 FT monopole with related antennas located at the top of the tower and equipment cabinets at the base of the tower.

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