Planning Board Meeting of April 16

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Miscellaneous 00:02:51

1. Study of Land Use Regulation 2. Comments and Recommendations Resolution R.190-032018 Investigation Area in Need of Redevelopment ( Oak Tree Road and Plainfield Road) 3. Comments and Recommendations on Resolution R.189-032018. Investigation Area in Need of Redevelopment (2195 Lincoln Highway ) 4. Comments and Recommendations Resolution R.175-032018 Referring certain amendments to the Ford Plant Redevelopment area. 5. Comments and Recommendations Resolution R. 156-032018 (720 Route One ) 6. Extension of Time – JFK - #P 18-09/10 Three year extension until June 30, 2019 7. Extension of Time – Dr. Mody - #P 13-2014- One year extension.

Old Business: P1-2018 Top Golf USA, Edison LLC. 00:25:43

1..#P1-2018 Top Golf USA, Edison LLC. – 939 Route 1 South Block 198.L Lot 37.04 Applicant is seeking to erect a light / sound attenuation wall and install (2)LED screening message boards and canopy over existing stage area on terrace . Variance requested for maximum height of wall required 6’ proposed 25’

New Business: #P3-2018 Bridge Development Partners 01:36:33

#P3-2018 Bridge Development Partners – 150 Whitman Avenue Block 197 Lot 3B.1 Proposal to demolish the existing ware house and construct a 124,560 sq.ft warehouse office building . No variances are requested.

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