Planning Board Meeting of December 17

Open Agenda

#P5203 Shayona Properties – 9-11 Bonnie Brook Ave. 00:03:36

Block 375.A Lot 31.C Proposal to demolish existing home and build two new single family homes Variances are requested for Lot area and Lot width. *****Held Until December 17th No – Re-notice ********* Held for a vote

#P5208 Vijaypal and Kristen Sarkaria 00:17:57

1635 Woodland Avenue. Block 415 Lot 4C.1 Major Subdivision Applicant proposes to demolish all existing structures and to construct 3 new single family homes. Variances are requested for creation of lots which does not abut a public road but does abut a private right of way.

#P5209 Fox and Foxx – 60 Pacific Street 02:03:08

Block 262 Lot 12-17 – Minor Subdivision Proposal to retain single family home and construct one new single family home. Variances requested for Minimum Lot Area - Required 7500 sq. ft Proposed 6,000.82 Sq.ft. Also Minimum Lot Width Required 75’ Proposed 60.01

#P20-2018 Menlo Executive Associates 02:32:16

80 Executive Avenue Block 375.BB Lot 8.H, 8.M Proposal to construct a 226,032 Sq.ft. warehouse building with automobile and truck parking. Variances requested for side yard setbacks, parking and signage.