Zoning Board Meeting of January 29

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Case#Z02-2019, RAJIV SRINIVASTAVA, 64 GOODLUCK ST 00:01:18

Section 37.63-1(4)(5)(10) Bulk Variances sought to construct a second story addition on top of the existing non conforming single family dwelling.

Case#Z03-2019, SACHIN PATEL, 9 HILLTOP RD 00:08:43

Section 37.63-1(5)(16) Bulk and Use or “D” Variances sought to construct a new single family dwelling consisting of 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms


Section 37.63-1(16) 37.11.9E(2E) Bulk and Use/”D” Variances sought to construct an addition and a second floor add a level to the existing attached single family dwelling.

CASE# Z27-2018, FUEL ONE, 83 HARRIGAN ST 00:49:10

Variance application for Appeal of the Zoning Officer’s decision. The date of the Zoning Officer’s determination was on June 13,2014. Affected property is located at 83 Harrigan St, designated as Block# 315, Lot # 4 on the Edison Township tax map.

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