Technical Review Committee Meeting of April 5

Open Agenda

Concept: Tesla, Inc. 580 Route One 00:00:23

WaWa that was approved

P5222 South Fifth LLC- New Durham Ave. 00:07:44

Demolish existing houses and construct 10 new single family homes. Lot width variances.

Z5-2021;Golden Era Adult Day Care Center-23 Nevsky 00:17:28

Proposal for the applicant to seek to operate and adult daycare center within a portion of the existing building on the property.

P13-2019 979 Amboy Avenue – Amboy Avenue 00:20:26

Proposal to demolish existing structures and construct new 4 story multi use building. Height variance required.

#P 11-2020 Penske Truck Leasing -130 Meadow Road 00:26:27

The proposed improvements include the demolition and expansion of the rear half of the existing building. Existing variances.

Z11-2021 Edison Hospitality -831 Route One 00:29:52

Proposal for a Hotel to create additional lot for a food use. Bulk variances sought for minimum front yard setback.

Federal Business Centers – 100 & 600 Sweetwater Ln 00:37:05

P1-2021; Proposal to develop a truck storage lot / depot for Fed ex Ground which operates out of 6000 Riverside Drive in Keasby section of Woodbridge , See Rider. No Variances required. P5235; Proposal is for a lot configuration of two lots identified as Lot 3.B in Block 395 and lot 12 in Block 390.L to create a development parcel for a truck storage lot /Depot. No variances requested.