Planning Board Meeting of April 19

Open Agenda

Resolutions 00:02:05

Resolution R.737-122019 76 National Road –Redevelopment Study Bignell Planning

P10-2020 Amazon Services LLC. – 8B Court South 00:03:37

Block 3.D Lot 5 This is a warehouse/distribution with delivery station and interior vehicle loading. Variances for lot width, lot coverage, front yard setback, parking set back, wall sign height ,shade, trees and lighting.

P13-2019 979 Amboy Avenue LLC. – Amboy Avenue 00:39:08

Block 730.G Lot 28.A Proposal to demolish existing structures and construct 4- story multi use building. Variance for maximum building height Required 45’ Proposed 46.95’

Miscellaneous 01:03:54